About us

Target Soccer is a safe haven for coaching children.

We believe in the saying Football for all

The youngest children, those under 5, go into the Mighty Atoms where the coach to player ratio is kept very low.

The children play small games, learn ball skills and are encouraged to fill in a log book to show their progress to others.

From the age of 6 the children are moved into more formal coaching groups and the game becomes the teacher.

By under 7’s we are preparing them to play competitive games against other groups.

All the time the emphasis is enjoyment first, not winning at all cost.

We have for some time now prepared parents for involvement in junior football to become coaches as the teams arrive in Leagues at under 8’s.

We evolve to the needs of the players and become better coaches for it.


Open sessions are run on Saturdays ( year round weather permitting) from 10-11.30 a.m. at Wigton Moor Football ground.

We have a grass training area in a safe environment. All children are required to register attendance and pay the relevant fee at the beginning of the session (£5 each session per child as of Saturday 15th September).

Please make sure your children have the appropriate clothing and footwear for the weather conditions on the day. Also, any drinks they mayrequire.

To avoid disappointment in winter please check the calendar on the day in case of cancellation due to pitch closure, which is beyond our control.